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Friday, May 14, 2010 10:07 AM

I'm moving to Onsugar. Re-link. ^^
Blogger, remains here.. Not updated! ^^

sucha pain in the ASS!
Thursday, May 13, 2010 6:57 AM

Boyy, you realise something? You are sucha pain in the ass. Sick of your face! Hahh, just say what you want. Dont wanna be glacial. Ahh, whatever. Let's talk about yesterday. I can say, the most memorable day for dearest N2 mates. Tears, joy, laughter was everything that made us become closer as we use too. I miss all of you! Hope we remain this way forever nt just this year. Million of thanks to Julie, Fsr, Anis, Jannah, Nisa, Aryan, Imran, Fariz, Irfan and Adib. At last! For loong, i've hugged someone whom i've really missed fr quite some time. Imy!
Ystd was a blast. I can say results are good! Everything's going as planned. Pheew! Night, met teman indah and anis, ate dinner, slacked and had a random talk. Suddenly, Rafly wanted to meet, yes we did. Slacked at RC with him and th rest. Ard 10 plus, we all went separate way. Raph sent me hme, anis and julie went hme. Awesome kakis!

As for today, met my teman indah. Challenged her burnout, hahaha i kept winning duhh. Huhu! Didn't met anis and fsr because i did babysitting. Hahh! Caaaamp's round th corner! Whuu, it's next week, Mondaay! Ohh, yah. Tmrw will get result fr combine sci, fnn dan eng overall marks. Omg, i hope i pass! Hm, aftr school will be accompanying fsr go camp shopping. Hahaha!

Julie, yeyeyeh! Kau sweet sgt2! Hahah. Anw, next time kiter main Burnout, i'll let you win kay. Hahh, jumpe kau besok gundu. Loves. XOXO.
andylala's. ^^

Feelings never faaaade.
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 11:26 PM

Hellooooooooooo. ^^
Hahah, did Math Paper 2 & Geography Paper. Maths susaah giler. Kept yawning during the paper. Geography was okaay, tak susah tak senaaang. ^^
It's been a long time since I last update. Been busy with school.
Tomorrow having SS & Mathematic 1. Pheeeeeeeeeew! Boleh pass keh?
Ader orang twuh nak fail combined humans but instead nak tunjok effort laa pulak. (:
Need to buck up for SS so that I will pass my combined humans.
The weather today was not good. For one moment it rains and the other it's hot. I really need to carry an umbrella arund nowadays. Juliana, can sponsor me one? A elmo one, niceeee. :/ Hahah!
;Maybe I shouldn't have told you?
Was it the wrong time?
Do you still have feelings for me?
I'm feeling guilty for telling you that someone new is admiring me. :/
Feelings never fade.
Just 1 month w/o you, maybe says it all.
Maybe we'll meet again.
Imy and it hurts. :/
/Maybe it's all a misunderstanding. It's not your fault, lemme take your blame. I've hugged you, I'm content. Not everyone is a perfect understanders. I'm not you therefore I wouldn't understand you to the fullest. I'm someone new in your life, it takes days to know you. I cherished our friendship. Let's be like before. Maybe I've neglected you w/o realising. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry. I'm happy to see you smile + blushed = ______. (:


Saturday, May 1, 2010 1:33 AM

Booooooooooooohoo. I'm at home/boreeed. -_-
Mama's not at home, went swimming. Lazy want follow.
I'm meeting my crazy partner later. Hahah.
I want buy the chilli potato. Niceeeeeee.
I've not started on Geog revidion. Will start. Pretty soon.
Hahahahah. I lost my Geography book liao. How?
Wdv. Pray hard everything go well! :D
; i tried talking to you but maybe i guess i don't have the courage. I'm sorry if I've made you cry. You were never replaced, seriously until I was replaced. Ily. *huggs*

let's not be so kaypoh, possible? Tysm (:
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 5:40 AM

Heeeeelloooooo.Today's Fadly's birthday. Happy Birthday, Fad? Guess what? It's abang's tomorrow. Hahaha, happy birthday brudda. Eventhough we always quarell tysm for caring fr me nowadays. Ily. ^^ Currently chatting with farr & mamat. Farr asked me watch happy three friends. Hahah, that's so violence but funny. You guys should watch.I feel like not going to school tomorrow. My leg is suuuper cramp. Aiyaaah. Wow, afew more days & it's exam. Very faaast. School today was pretty fine. I didn't stop yawning during class. I slept during most periods. I even slept during assembly, that shows how tired I am. Hahaha. -_- Lacking of sleep nowadays. Once more, my leg is hurting me. Omg! Farr says that she I must go school on Thurs & Fri but if I dowan come on other days, dipersilakan. Hahahah. ily girl.
You, what's happening to you? Are you giving me cold shoulder? You're no longer giving me that smile that you use too. Are you mad? I really wanna know what you're feeling deep inside. Please. I miss you, you, you, you & you. Tak pernah terpakse. Haaish... I dowan to be glacial towards you.

/ Please mind with your business. Why must you bother with who & what I'm doing with my life. You donno th truth so shut it. Stop spreading rumors when actually there's nothing between us? That's what I want from you, only that. Pleaaaaaaaaaase ahh.


if asked, i'll talk.
Monday, April 19, 2010 8:50 AM

Back from gym with 2 awesome peers! That's ApiqRamos & MartolJr. Insanely, they light my day. Esp, chiika. Haaah, it's been a loooong time, i had a awesome laugh! Whooo! Laugh, laugh, laugh, nw very exhausted. Aftr gym, as usual slack w raph. As we usually do. I drink blueberry tea, he drink redbull then we ate th oishi chocolate popcorn & spicy crackers. Took picaaas, bt with him. One word, hilarious! Ohmygee, i was one big crazy ass, so nt myself. I wonder why. Took picaas, it's with him. Schl, have been rather stressed up with schlwork, re-test & remidials. It's been getting on my nerve bt, heck care. It's th last week. All out, lorh! Thought Raph, chemistry. Easy, wasn't it? Aiyooh, still can say difficult? Apadaah. Bt, he's a fast learner anyway. Hah, senang dpt anak murid ini maciam. Hahaha!

I so-called confested something. Wow! I didn't knw i could do it. He said something too. Bt, yes. It's really unexpected. I didn't expect tht person to be me. Hahh. Had a great time with you todaay! Tysm, fr th french fries. Appreciate it lots! Really hope to be seeing you around in schl! I miss your smile! :D Another thank you, fr your friend. Thaanks, fr cheering me up. ^^ Oooohlalaaaa.

/ As i said, keep your tongue wagging. I'll speak if i'm asked & keep shut if i'm nt. Get it? People around you are already betraying you. Don't you sense? It's someone close. Tysm fr everything. Lable me yr sucker. Stop asking around. Wanna know th truth, ask me. :)

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say whut you want, idc. ^^
Sunday, April 18, 2010 5:52 AM

well, heeeellooooo. Lama tk updaate. Stayed hme th whole sundaay. Did hmewk and revise. Thought of going gym with my B. Hahahahh! Fr yesterday, mama made sataaaay. Whuuu, mama you gotta note, it's awesome. Nyahahaha! It's been 3 straight days i've talked to you. ^^ just nw bigstomach bestie text, called him and maybe will meet him soon. Hahh. Stuuupid you? Ohh, yah. Exams are round th corner, 1 more week of all out studying & we'll get down to business, exams. I will work hard yeh, martolnyaa? Hahh. Wht do you say? I had a crush on you before, nw i like you so wht will happend next? Will things get betta? Hm, idk. Hope to see you on monday, in schl. Martol, let's go gym agaaaain? Hahh, i want see tht V-shaape. Huhu. I miss otp-ing with you.

Say what you want. It's my pleasure hearing them. ;)


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